Eric Su

A serial entrepreneur, known startup mentor and advisor in the Philippines for over 10 years, Eric discovered Bitcoin in 2015 at $300, he closed all his bank accounts except one and put all his funds on this representation of a solution to corruptible and inefficient centralized systems. Then, a struggling startup founder with less than a six months burn rate, he would find ways to fund his startup instead of converting those Bitcoins to fiat. At present, he has sold his two startups and has turned that 4 figure dollar capital mutiple times thru trading, investing and building products for the decentralization movement.


Dric is a serial entrepreneur that helped build multiple e-commerce start ups. He was born into a family of entrepreneurs but Instead of taking the traditional business route, he discovered crypto in 2015 and got fully immersed in early 2017. Crypto opened his eyes to the power of technology as well as financial freedom and the excitement and pace of development in the space eventually pulled him to go full time. Right now, his main focus is growing the exnetwork community. He researches and writes about new and upcoming projects while handling the day-to-day operations work. Combining unique perspective in the cryto space with a mathematical and organizational background helps him navigate and excel in this new frontier.